Top 10 Best Paid Online Survey Sites In India 2021

online survey sites in India

Best Paid Survey Sites In India – Who wouldn’t love to earn an extra few dollars in their financial life? Making the best use of life involves various activities and one such happiness comes in gaining money. Earning extra and fast money can put a smile on anyone. This can be done by online survey sites in India. There are various online survey sites by which you can spend a little amount of time to earn.

What is the Online Paid Survey.?

An online survey or internet survey or paid survey is one of the most popular data-collection sources, where a set of survey questions is sent out to a target sample and the members of this sample can respond to the questions over the world wide web. People receive online surveys via various mediums such as email, embedded over the website, social media, etc.

Since companies need to understand consumers’ reactions towards their product or service, doing market research, and getting feedback from them is very important. So for your honest opinions & answers, they are going to pay you real money or gift cards. Read more

Ways to earn money with paid surveys

Let me guess, you’ve heard a bad review about a friend’s survey sites and you’re worried about trying them out yourself. Let me finish; I’ll tell you how to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to you.

The reason most people don’t make money from paid surveys is because of bad decisions.

Believe it or not, there are millions of surveys on the Internet right now. In addition to fast paid surveys and high paid surveys, you will find websites to conduct surveys online, at home, and even in person.

Earn money by filling out surveys from home

Yes, as I was saying it is possible to earn some money by filling out surveys. The amount can vary greatly from one platform to another and even from one survey to another, but it is possible to earn money, and as a rule, payments are received as long as the conditions are met.

These conditions change from one website to another, but as a general rule, they all ask you to reach a minimum amount to issue the cash payment or assign you the promised discount voucher. This means that it will not be enough to fill out a couple of surveys at a given time, you will have to be constant and fill out as many surveys as you can to reach the minimums as quickly as possible and receive payment.

Once the minimum is reached, you will be issued with the payment. In the case that the platform pays in cash, it is most likely that they will send you the money through Amazon. Flipkart, Myntra Gift cards, or PayPal, and then you will be able to transfer it to your bank account or if it was a gift card then use it to make purchases online.

What do you do with the survey data?

The surveys that are usually carried out by this type of website are hired by brands that need to carry out consumer market research or directly from opinions about certain products, brands, etc.

By commissioning these websites they ensure that they get real consumer responses in a short time and at a much cheaper price than if they have to make thousands of calls to random people or have staff on the street trying to survey people passing by.

Thanks to the data obtained, the companies that commission the surveys can make decisions about their products or services, with the opinion in the hand of hundreds or thousands of people with different profiles and opinions.

Best websites for doing paid surveys

I have listed the best paid survey websites below that are worth your time. In addition, I have categorized them so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

  • Through these surveys, you can speak out your opinion and your thoughts on the topic.
  • It is amazing how you can get paid for your thought (“A penny for your thought”).
  • Although, there can be ones that aren’t legit, and that one has to keep in mind.
  • Here are a few of them that are legit and can be put to use.
  • Do check them out on the best survey sites in India and earn some bucks monthly.

Tip 1 – Join at least 5-6 Panels and you will earn up to Rs.6000 – Rs.7000 per month.
Tip 2 Make Multiple Accounts on the above panels and double your earnings.



Top 10 Best Paid Survey Sites In India

1. Life Points

It was formerly known as MySurvey and it began out as an adaptation of a program in 1946 that used to send out online surveys through emails. They extract your opinions for a company LightSpeed Research who aims in using these opinions for solutions to businesses.

They do offer short surveys that are between 5 to 10 minutes and you can earn for each survey you accomplish depending on the survey. Their rewards can include in getting PayPal payments, Flipkart, Amazon vouchers, etc.

Payment Methods

  • Amazon (Min 340 Points Required. 340 Points = Rs.300 INR)
  • Flipkart (Min 340 Points Required. 340 Points = Rs.300 INR)
  • Myntra (Min 550 Points Required. 550 Points = Rs.500 INR)
  • PayPal (Min 806 Points Required. 806 Points = $10)
  • Big Bazar (Min 340 Points Required. 340 Points = Rs.300 INR)

Life Points Payment Proof

life points proof
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2. Ormax

Ormax Media is the one conducting various surveys on different topics on Ormax Online. They send surveys periodically to their panel members. They just require you to register and take surveys.

Register by zero-cost process and get your surveys. After taking and completing them, rewards and payments will be made to your account. Also, there are reward points that get added and can be used to redeem vouchers.

Payment Methods

  • Amazon (Min 500 Points Required. 500Points = Rs.500 INR)
  • Flipkart (Min 500 Points Required. 500Points = Rs.500 INR)
  • BookMyShow (Min 500 Points Required. 500Points = Rs.500 INR)

Ormax Payment Proof



3. Telly Pulse

This was founded in 2016 and is an established panel of the survey for India. Basically, Telly Pulse is a market research company that provides various surveys from its platform.

It takes simple steps to get and participate in these surveys. It offers free registration and fill up details. Each survey takes about 5 to 20 minutes to complete and the payment amount would be mentioned in each survey. The rewards can include Bookmyshow vouchers or Flipkart e-Gift voucher. Per the survey, you will get up to Rs.106.

Payment Methods

  • Flipkart (Min 105 Points Required. 105 Points = Rs.100 INR)
  • BookMyShow (Min 154 Points Required. 154 Points = Rs.150 INR)

Telly Pulse Proof

Telly Pulse proof
Telly Pulse proof 2020
Telly Pulse proof
Telly Pulse proof 2020
Telly Pulse proof Telly Pulse proof 2020 Telly Pulse proof Telly Pulse proof 2020


4. Valued Opinions

Valued opinions are the largest survey panel and are a market research community. Surveys can involve having users test new products, complete diary studies or online surveys. Your information is 100% safe.

The register is free and you can activate your account. After signing up, surveys would be sent and you can participate in them. You can earn up to Rs. 150 per survey you take. Rewards can include getting Amazon gift cards, Flipkart vouchers, and others.

Payment Methods

  • Amazon (Min 400 Points Required. 400 Points = Rs.400 INR)
  • Flipkart (Min 500 Points Required. 500 Points = Rs.500 INR)

Valued Opinions Proof

valued opinions proof 2020
valued opinions proof
valued opinions proof
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5. The Panel Station

Your opinion matters to this company and as far as it is, they use your opinions to make a difference in brands and products. They help in making brands understand your thoughts and improve themselves. The Panel Station helps in creating such surveys and sending them out for you to participate in.

To take part, you can register with your details and in a few days, you would be getting surveys. After taking them, you would be offered reward points that you can use to redeem gift vouchers or cash. You can even earn points by sharing it with your friends.

Payment Methods

  • Amazon (Min 3000 Points Required. 3000 Points = Rs.300 INR)
  • Flipkart (Min 3000 Points Required. 3000 Points = Rs.300 INR)
  • Paytm (Min 3000 Points Required. 3000 Points = Rs.300 INR)

Panel Station Payment Proof

panel station payment proof
panel station payment proof img2


6. Mobrog

Mobrog is an international market research service that is provided by Splendid Research GmbH from Germany. As a member of their community, you would receive survey emails regularly that you can take part in on the website or even on their mobile application. The survey can be on various topics that you can participate in.

Just register on their website or mobile application, provide few details, and become a member. You can earn rewards on each survey and on average, they pay Rs.30-250 per survey.

Payment Methods

  • PayPal (Min 6.25 USD Required)
  • Skrill (Min 6.25 USD Required)

Mobrog Payment Proof

mobrog payment proof
mobrog payment proof
mobrog payment proof mobrog payment proof


7. Opinion World

Maintained by Survey Sampling International LLC, it is an online survey panel that provides insights into various businesses who seek to improve themselves. Your opinion can help in creating a new product or even enhance existing ones by various businesses.

As a member of Opinion World, you can get reward points and redeem them to get branded vouchers including Flipkart, Jabong, Cbazaar, etc. Join and sign in for free, become a member, and start taking surveys to earn.

Payment Methods

  • Amazon (Min 500 Points Required. 500 Points = Rs.500 INR)
  • Flipkart (Min 500 Points Required. 500 Points = Rs.500 INR)
  • And Many More Rewards Available on Opinion.

Opinion World Payment Proof

opinion world payment proof
opinion world payment proof
opinion world payment proof opinion world payment proof


8. Nepa

It started in 2014 it is a panel that was established for surveys. Taking these surveys is as easy as the others mentioned. You just need to register, fill in details, and become their member. You will be sent surveys based on the number of surveys you would like to receive (1-6) per month.

Depending on each survey you participate in, you would earn reward points to redeem them as Flipkart Gift vouchers or Bookmyshow vouchers.

Payment Methods

  • Flipkart (Min 105 Points Required. 105 Points = Rs.100 INR)
  • BookMyShow (Min 154 Points Required. 154 Points = Rs.150 INR)

Nepa Survey Payment Proof

nepa survey payment proof
nepa payment proof
nepa survey payment proof nepa payment proof


9. Univox Community

How would it be if your opinions were mattered to important brands? With the Univox Community, it is possible to make your thoughts matter in order to improve various brand products and their services. For each time you participate, you would be ser to earn reward points for yourself. Basically, they are a well-known market research panel sending out surveys.

Join the community and you can start your open-ended topic discussion with other members of the Univox Community. So here not only do you have the surveys but you do have open polls that you can create. You can even do it on the go using the mobile application that they have. All you have to do is just register and you are good to go. You can claim your rewards by redeeming your points to get gifts and vouchers. On Univox Community, per survey, you will earn 50 – 200 points & sometimes you will get up to 350 points.

Payment Methods

  • Flipkart (Min 1350 Points Required. 1350 = Rs.1000 INR)
  • Amazon (Min 1000 Points Required. 1350 = Rs.1000 INR)



10. YouGov

YouGov is one of the world’s leading full-service market research company. YouGov is an online survey panel that sends out various surveys for market collection. You can share your opinions and suggestions by using the survey. Being within the top 10 sample companies in the world, they are worth a try. This sites a huge payout compare to other platforms and this is one of the best survey site in India I suggest.

Each survey you participate in can give you between 100 to 200 points. This can be redeemed as cash by various methods like online payments or by using credit/debit cards. Unlike some existing online surveys who can cheat by not paying the participant, Yougov ensures that such happenings don’t take place and guarantees the payment. As like the other surveys, you have to register, fill details, and answer surveys.

Payment Methods

  • Paytm Cash – (Min 5000 Points Required. 5000 Points = Rs.3600 INR)

YouGov Payment Proof

yougov payment proof
yougov payment proof img1



From the above listed legit and best survey sites in India, you can choose one and make use of your time. It won’t take more than a few minutes off your busy schedule as well. As it is said, “Time is money”, so make sure you can turn your free time into making yourself earn then as well. Participate in surveys, answer questions, help your favorite brand to improve their marketing position with your opinions, and earn points. Who said you would have to go to a job to earn when you have such online surveys to help you give some amount of earning.


Which surveys actually pay cash?
Life Points, Panel Station and AIP Surveys Pay real cash in India. On Life Points, we can redeem with PayPal, and AIP Surveys, Panel Station pays Paytm cash.
Is there any surveys that actually pay?
Yes, There are few survey panels who actually pay in cash. They are Life Points, Panel Station, AIP Surveys. Finding a trusted & legit survey panel is very important. Don’t waste you time on fake surveys sites
How do I redeem my life points?
You can redeem rewards on the Rewards tab section.
What are life points worth?
In life points, you will earn up to 100 points per survey. 340 Life Points = Rs.300 INR.
Is Valued Opinions a safe site?
Yes absolutely, Valued Opinions is a safe and trusted best paid survey site in India. It’s safe to take surveys on valued opinions and earn rewards.
Can I make money by taking surveys in India?
Yes you can make good money by online taking surveys in India.


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